Gradient Learning

Insights you can act on

The Gradient Learning Poll is a survey of teachers across the nation, measuring sentiment on topics of importance to students and educators alike. We’ve embarked on this initiative to listen to educators, understand their feedback, and provide actionable solutions to meet their needs.

A trusted

The Gradient Learning Poll is conducted in partnership with Project Tomorrow, a nationally recognized, education nonprofit organization with a focus on understanding the impact of new learning models and interventions on student outcomes and teacher effectiveness.

Take action

Educators and non-educators alike can leverage the information shared in the Gradient Learning Poll in a number of ways.

  • Share these insights with your community. Repost this content on your social channels, or add to the Resources section of your website.
  • Incorporate findings into your school’s vision for education. Leverage this data to help drive efforts to maximize student success.
  • Begin a dialogue with your community. Listening to educators is a great way to kick off conversations with your peers and local leaders who help shape education for the students in your area.



The Great Teacher Resignation

Gradient Learning Poll, 2023

Teachers feel overwhelmed and underappreciated, and many are considering leaving the field altogether. Only 27% of teachers say that it is “very likely” that they will still be teaching five years from now.



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